Google Maps has begun showing cycling routes and directions with the help of docked bike-sharing services

Google Maps has been working and adding new features involving bike-share schemes for a while now.

From now on, another exciting feature has been added to Google Maps. It will now show directions and cycling routes with the help of bike-share providers like Santander Cycles in London and Citi Bike in New York City. These bike-rental services/apps are a great way to provide additional transportation options to many people at one time. This is a solar-powered bike sharing system that consists of thousands of specially designed and durable cycles that are locked in a docking station network. These docking stations are present at regular intervals all around the city.

Different rental programs provide different ways to use these bikes. But these bikes are mostly available 24 hours a day, all around the year, on Bike Share Membership basis or an Hourly Rental basis.

So, Google Maps’ latest feature will help people with walking directions towards the closest docking station. Not only this, but cycling directions from one dock to another will also be provided to the users, and then walking directions from one dock to their destination will also be available.

This all sounds pretty interesting and extremely effective, considering that many cities are promoting cycling as a great alternative for transportation amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is more environment-friendly, better than being confined in close quarters of a metro, or bus, or even a cab, which may increase the chances of catching the COVID-19.

Cycling also provides a great means for exercise and is considered great for the health of the lungs, which become a prime target of the novel coronavirus.

Google has reported seeing an almost 69 percent rise in the number of requests for cycling directions made by people through Google Maps. This shows that people all over the globe are interested in using this convenient, hassle-free, alternative transportation option with the help of bike-sharing apps and various programs.

Ito World is behind this new functionality, as it provides real-time data about transportation options and will also help the users find nearby docking stations, available docked bikes, and cycling routes.

As per Google, this feature will be available for ten cities over the next few weeks, including Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Mexico City, Montreal, Rio De Janeiro, Taipei and New Taipei City and São Paulo. More cities will be added in the following months.

Back in 2018 also, Google had introduced Lime Scooters and bikes, a transit option for Maps that would direct the users towards the closest shared vehicle option and would also integrate it with the users’ travel time.

This new functionality seems to be similar to the above-mentioned feature, but with more benefits and advanced systems.

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