Google Will Soon Add a New Emoji Shortcut Bar to the Gboard Android App

Emoji helps users to better express themselves during mobile communication. July 17 is considered as the World Emoji Day, and Google shared some of its Emoji plans for the Gboard Android app. Gboard beta testers will soon get a new quick-access emoji bar. This new feature is currently being tested in beta, and the company plans to roll out this feature to all Android users soon.

The Gboard app is one of the finest keyboard applications for smartphones. Users can download this app on their Android as well as iOS devices. The tech giant keeps on upgrading its products and services and now, it seems that the Gboard app will soon get a brand new emoji bar at the top of the keyboard. You will see the most used emojis in this bar, and as conversations are incomplete without emojis these days, the new feature will be very useful for users.

Usually, users need to tap on the emoji icon if they want to enter any emoji on Google’s Gboard app, and then they choose the emoji they want to use. However, the new feature will make it convenient for users to insert an emoji with only one tap.

The new change may sound minor, however, considering how reliant we have become on emojis, any shortcut is a massive help. To use this new feature, you need to register as a beta user.

In addition to the quick-access emoji bar being tested out in beta, the company is also adding 117 new emojis to Android version 11 this fall. Some new emojis are efforts to improve the inclusiveness of your emoji options such as man in veil, a person feeding a baby with a bottle, and a woman in a tuxedo. Earlier this year, Unicode announced sixty-two new emojis along with gender variants as well as skin tone.

Some are just plain fun such as piñata, anatomically correct heart, and tamales, etc. You may also note that the company has redesigned some emojis to play well with the dark mode theme, such as the skunk. Google also announced that a number of classic emojis are returning to Android this fall. Several older designs are coming back to the animal section of the emoji keyboard. Popular designs including the 2013 Turtle and the 2016 Frog are coming back to the Android 11 emoji keyboard.

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