Google Is Reportedly Negotiating with Samsung to Give Play Store and Assistant More Prominence on Samsung Mobiles

It is expected that Samsung Unpacked will launch a trio of Android-powered gadgets next week. Google and Samsung are two of the largest tech companies in the world, and according to a recent report, both tech giants are now negotiating a major deal that would provide Google a more prominent place in Samsung smartphones.

If this major deal between Google and Samsung goes down, the upcoming, and even the existing Samsung smartphones would see that Google’s Assistant is getting priority over Bixby, Samsung’s own virtual assistant. The report was published by Bloomberg, and talks about this deal will give Google’s Assistant more prominence as opposed to Samsung’s Bixby.

Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer across the globe, and it is the leading smartphone manufacturing company in the United States. The South Korean company ships all smartphones with the Google-owned Android operating system. Samsung sold nearly 300 million mobiles in 2019. The new deal will promote Google Assistant and Google Play Store for applications on Samsung devices and will provide Google with more daily access to Samsung consumers. It means that Bixby would be less integrated on Samsung’s own smartphones, and the move will be capitulation for South Korean smartphone manufacturing company.

However, the drop in smartphones’ demand due to the pandemic has intensified Samsung’s need for profit. According to some reports published back in the year 2018, Google paid Apple $9 billion in 2018 to remain the default search engine in Apple’s Safari browser.

Samsung has been trying to develop an eco-system in which Samsung’s own applications and services are promoted since the company launched its own app store, Galaxy Apps Store, and recently, its voice assistant, Bixby.

In the new deal, Samsung’s Bixby could still be offered as an option if some users want to use it. In an email, Google’s spokesman wrote to Bloomberg that like all other Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is free to develop its app store as well as digital assistants. While Samsung notes that the company closely operates with Google as well as other partners to offer the best smartphone experiences to its customers.

The IDC researcher suggests that Samsung shipped 58 million phones during Q1 of this year. These deal talks are happening amid antitrust investigations into the United States internet giant, Google. Its Play Store is one of the many Google’s services at the center of this scrutiny, and this deal may provide Google more power over app developers as Google and Apple widely control how developers users.

Photo: Zana Latif / Unsplash

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