Google is working on a shortcut for ‘Google Lens’ in the Google app’s search bar

Google has recently been found to be testing a new shortcut for its ‘Google Lens’ in the Google search bar. It has been seen in some devices that Google is placing a ‘Lens’ icon directly in the search bar of the Google app, right next to the Microphone icon.

Google Lens was launched in 2017, after the failure of Google Goggles. While Goggles was an intriguing app, Google did not manage it very nicely, and it kind of died a sad, lonely death back in 2014. After a while, Google introduced some of the utilities of Goggles in a brand-new app, named ‘Lens.’

Google Lens uses an image recognition technology that has been developed by Google. It is designed in such a way that it provides relevant contextual information related to the objects it identifies, with the help of visual analysis based on a neural network.

This tool was originally designed as a Camera for the Google Assistant. It can bring up any relevant information about anything it sees, on the basis of the given context and how a user applies it. It can tell the users about the flowers they recently took a picture of, and it can also show login info, read business cards and give the information to the user about the person, copy tracking numbers from receipts, etc.

However, after a while, Google made Lens available in Google Photos and the Google Camera app, and for some other places too. There is a standalone ‘Lens’ app also which is easily available in the Google Play Store. And now, Google is working on providing the Lens icon directly in the search bar.

Although it is not rolling out for a wider audience at the moment, it gives hope that this functionality may become a permanent feature soon, and for everyone too. It is an amazing feature, and when it will be easily accessible in the search bar only, the efficiency and speed it will provide to the users can only be imagined at this moment. It will not only make work easier for people, but it will also make search results more relevant and refined. It will bring Google’s Android app close to the Google app on iOS in functionality because iOS has had the built-in Lens feature for a while now. Besides this, the users will be able to input visual information along with their voice input in the search bar. This can take the search experience to another level.

As per the recent reports, Google is paying a lot of attention to Lens lately. In July 2020, Gboard started supporting image pasting in the clipboard and replaced Google Search with Lens text selection.

So, if you are also intrigued by the feature but you do not have it in your Google app as yet, you can easily download it from the Play Store and check it out yourself.

Source: Androidpolice.

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