Google Is Experimenting With A New User Interface, Boxed In Related Searches

We have all seen related searches at the bottom of the results page in Google Search. When a user performs a search on Google, it displays a related searches box at the bottom of the page. This box provides queries related to your query and related searches can sometimes be very beneficial for users.

Google is always experimenting out new user interface options, and now it has been reported that the search giant is testing a new option in the related searches box of Google Search results page. The new feature was spotted by some users on Twitter. This new user interface option will display related searches in the boxes.

Previously, we have seen that the company has introduced various new glass icons. We have also seen several related searches options and much more. Back in April of this year, a Twitter user, Ankit Shrivastava, shared on Twitter that he is seeing too many options in the related searches box. Google used to display two rows in that area, and Shrivastava shared that he was seeing three rows instead of two rows in that area. However, it was not clear if this was a bug, extension, or a real test performed by the company.

Moreover, in March of this year, the company also started to test out a magnifying glass icon next to phrases in the related searches box. Back in the year 2018, Google used to display these magnifying glass icons, however, the company removed them later. Dileep Thekkethil revealed this test on Twitter in March of this year.

Now, the company is testing boxed phrases in the related searches section. Arjunan KS and Ramesh Singh, both posted on Twitter how the new test looks like. If you are on the test, you will see that Google now boxes related searches phrases which may increase the visibility of phrases. The new option separates one related search phrase from another.

Google has not yet confirmed the test, and some users may not be able to replicate this option, and it is not clear when the new option will be rolled out to the general public. It seems that the company is testing this option with a limited group of users.

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