Google adds a new feature in Google Images to show more information about the query

Google is always adding new features to its available products, enhancing and polishing them. The new feature in the discussion is being launched within Google Image search to show quick, interesting facts about the image being displayed on it. A knowledge panel was added by Google under the image preview window that users can open and expand to show more details and information about the image that is being viewed.

Under the image, Google will show drop-down menus that will show more information and details about the images being viewed. Google said that when a user searches for an image on mobile (for now within the U.S. region), they might see information from the Google Knowledge Graph that is linked to the result. The said context would include places, people, or things related to the image from the Knowledge Graph’s massive database of billions of facts. This would help the users to explore more about the topic they searched for.

The massive knowledge base used by Google and its services to enhance its search engine’s results with information gathered from various variety of sources is known as the Knowledge Graph. The information is usually presented to users next to the results of their search in a prominent information box.

Google has been testing this new feature for the past few weeks and now it has officially been released to the public. Google detailed that in order to generate links to the relevant Knowledge Graph entities, they had to take what they understood about the image through deep learning (also known as deep neural learning, a subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence that has networks capable of learning data that is unstructured or unlabeled without being supervised.) This evaluates an image’s visual and text signals, combining it with Google’s understanding of what the text on the image’s web page means.

Google also added that they match the outcome of this processing with existing topics in the Knowledge Graph, and only let them surface in Google Images when they are confident that they have found a match to what they searched for through the engine.

Google may also end up showing content from various sources on the internet like Wikipedia. This can make the system more efficient as Google will just have to integrate available resources and information with their Knowledge Graph to show them in the information boxes or the drop-down menus next to or under the search results.

If someone owns a source that Google might be using to display information in the knowledge panels, they might see more traffic from Google Images as searchers may be clicking on them to go to their websites to know more details about the image they searched for.

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