Google aims to impose Global proscription on spyware, hacking and other virus-friendly search ads

Search engines are the ultimate source for marketers to promote their products and services. Yet, when it comes to search engines that the community is using globally, it becomes a sweet treat. However, with the fair use of these search engines, some bad actors also misuse this service. They market the products that fall under the category of to spywares.

Considering this aspect, Google has decided to update its policies regarding the security of the people. The new strategy concerning the prohibition of the products that market spyware, malware, surveillance-related technology products, or even virus friendly services will be imposed on 11th of August of this year. This new policy applies to all the products that contain dishonest behavior.

The concerned authorities of Google have also announced that they won’t allow people to add the backlinks of the products that are believed to track or monitor other people or places without their proper permission. It will be rigorously applied over the applications or commodities that are solely designed for the inspection and keep track of the text messages, calls, or browsing history of the consumers without having any permit to do so.

It has notified that the GPS trackers also cause problems to the users when it is used without the authority. So, this policy of terminating the products that facilitate unethical behavior will also be applied to the GPS trackers that are used to spy on someone.

The products like cameras, audio recorders, video recorders, dash cams, and nanny cams that are devised, to secretly spy on others also won’t be permitted to advertise on Google and any types of backlinks to the websites supporting Google.

The products or applications supporting fake documents, academic essay providers for the students, invalid click products to name some, this policy will also disintegrate such service providers. It will also strictly apply to the products that expose users to unauthorized access to systems like hacking applications, jammers, and wiretapping.

Through this updated policy, Google aims to seize the unlawful activities and to prohibit the advertising of the products that proposed malware, leading to the crime of any type and, by any means.

However, the applications that provide the parents to keep an eye on their under-aged children or for parental guidance or offer private investigation services will be allowed to advertise on Google Ads.

According to Google's support page, the search giant will not immediately suspended the accounts of those advertisers involved in policy violation, without prior warning. Albeit, Google will issue a warning, "at least 7 days, prior to any suspension of your account."

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