Android 10 holds itself on top of Adoption rate chart, says Google

In the recent report, presented by Google, Android 10 has marked the highest consumption rate as compared to all of the previous versions. In a blog post Android Engineers claim that 100 millions of the models supporting Android have adopted this version after only a few months of its launch.

Notedly, avid consumers of the Android phones more genuinely consider the speed of OEM, while purchasing the models, with which it updates its system. The development of OEM has proved to offer a convenient designing of the updated software and has increased the process, directing to an increment in the adoption rate. Therefore, various companies are now looking forward to using it not only in their new models but also updating the previous ones.

Since the launch of the latest OS version Android 10, it has rapidly adopted by millions of people worldwide. With this, it has recorded 28% of the fastest adoption percentage as compared to several Android versions to date.

Following this, Google has marked significant progress in contrast to previous years because of the considerable adoption of the new version of Android 10 soon after its arrival. Google has given the credit of this progression to the refinements the company has been striving to do to achieve this milestone for long. It also claimed that the latest advancements of Android Oreo's project line model and Project Mainline of Android 10 have made this progress possible, controlling the adoption of the hardware of all android versions efficiently.

These new projects trim the total time that the android takes to generate updates for the software of the novel models. The recent record portrayed that the adoption of this version is being gained swiftly throughout the world.

Despite all these impressive developments, the unavailability of the count of how many android phones are running this new version leads to the doubt. Google used to update the breakdown recordings of the data of the android versions but, it has recently stopped updating the list of the android versions currently running on the operating systems.

However, it has been noticed that the latest iOS 13 of Apple iPhones in comparison with Android devices has the highest adoption rate. Although, it signals to the lowest number of the models that apple supports drives its operating system to have sturdy control over the hardware and software of their devices.

Considering this point, google still holds the mark of notable progress and is hoped to get advanced with the following days expecting the launch of the new version Android 11 with more certified features and bugs fixes. As far, it has been declared that Android 10 has marked the prominent adoption rate on Google’s chart.

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Featured photo: AndroidDevelopers
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