Twitter Decided To Tone Down Its Criteria To Flag Tweets Related To Covid-19 And 5G, As It Was Taking Down The Genuine Tweets That Had Nothing To Do With Fake Information

Recently the micro-blogging platform Twitter announced that it is tweaking the labeling criteria on tweets, which are related to 5G and Covid-19. This was a much-needed step that was mandatory for the company. Although the decision of highlighting tweets was taken to protect the users and keep a distinguished check between fake and genuine updates regarding pandemic and 5G. But instead, they landed from one trouble to another. Labeling all the posts caused a drawback for the company.

The US-based Twitter declared a few days back that it will be keeping a strict check on tweets that are about coronavirus (COVID-19) and 5G. This was done because some users were misusing the platform by spreading false information and misconception. This created a problematic situation. Hence, Twitter decided to label every tweet that carried a keyword “Corona” and “5G”.

Some users circulated conspiracies regarding 5G too. They stated that the lethal disease Coronavirus is spreading through 5G. Again, the situation became uncontrollable. People started to panic. Latter researches founded that this news was fake. WHO stated this news to be rubbish. They further explained that 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus.

After this, the situation couldn’t get better. This was because the automated system started flagging every tweet that had a keyword corona or 5G. Although every tweet was not made to spread misconceptions. But the extreme check of the automated system counted it as an attempt to pass on the false news.

The users went crazy when their tweets were either taken down or labeled. They assured that they are not involved in promoting any fake information that could harm anyone. They further added that their tweets were the general ones, not the informative ones. Their explanation and appeal was the genuine one.

Hence for this purpose, Twitter decided to moderate its criteria for taking down content. They apologized for the inconvenience caused in the last few weeks, through their official Support account. They further explained the situation and stated that they are now working on a moderate labeling system for their users.

Social networks have been working to give a protective and safe platform to their users. Twitter is a part of such platforms. Let’s see how this new moderate version of the automated system will work.

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