Twitter To Take Action against Conspiracy Theories Linking COVID19 with 5G

A conspiracy theory relation Coronavirus with 5G is spreading on social media platforms and Twitter has decided to take action against it by removing unverified claims. On Thursday Twitter announced that it will stand against the false and unconfirmed statements that might have a negative impact or harm the 5G infrastructure.

The company tweeted that it will deal with the unverified claims on a broad level as they might lead to damage of 5G infrastructure or may cause chaos, social unrest, and disorder at a huge level.

A few months back a groundless conspiracy theory emerged that the new 5G technology is being used to spread the COVID19. After which another theory made its way that as 5G is capable of weakening the immune system of humans, it could be the reason behind the widespread virus.

None of both the theories have any worth as these are not supported by any evidence. There has not been any proof suggesting a link between 5G radio waves and the coronavirus spread. Furthermore, many of the tests were conducted which also proved that 5G altogether could be risky for human health or cause any harm.

The spread of misinformation on social networks may not be something new but the conspiracy theories are leading to destructive reactions from people. According to recent reports, believing the conspiracy, a man in the United Kingdom burned town the radio towers. Many of the people are working from home and staying connected to the world through the internet but such reactions could create hurdles for many during the lockdown situation.

Twitter is being careful in removing the tweets, instead of removing all the conspiracy theories’ tweets, it is only deleting the ones that could cause danger. In one of its statements, the company said it will not take action against all tweets that may contain half-truth or disputed information regarding coronavirus.

The conspiracy theories about 5G are not only limited to coronavirus but also claiming the adverse effects of the new technology on human health. Some of the theories suggest that new technology can be used to control the weather and has already killed hundreds of birds so far.

Hopefully, the action taken by Twitter prove to be beneficial in controlling the spread of misleading information among masses.

Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

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