Creators In The UK, Mexico, and Five Other Regions Can Now Access The Facebook’s Fan Subscription Program

The social media giant, Facebook, is rolling out the fan subscription tool to more regions. The tool is designed to help game streamers and other creators to generate extra revenue streams. Facebook first launched this program in early 2018, and only a small group of content creators in the US and the UK were able to charge their fans a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. In return, viewers get exclusive content and fan badge for their profiles.

However, the company announced today in a blog post that Facebook is expanding the availability of this program in Mexico, Canada, the US, the UK, Brazil, Thailand, and Australia. To sign up to participate in this program, a creator should have 10,000 followers or over 250 return viewers, and 180,000 watch minutes or 50,000 post engagement in the past 2 months. Creators must also abide by the company’s general monetization policies.

Facebook monetizes these fans subscriptions by taking up to 30% of the revenue generated by subscriptions. Additionally, the company also announced that the Stars will now be available to creators in the US, the UK, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Columbia, Australia, Malaysia, France, New Zealand, Taiwan, Philippines, India, and Peru. Stars is a virtual currency that fans use to tip their favorite content creators.

Content creators use video and online events to connect to their fans, and Facebook is improving tools to better support their partners. These tools help content creators to earn more money as well as manage their presence on the social media platform.

Lastly, the company announced that Facebook is introducing new ways for content creators to generate money via advertising, including photo and post-roll ads in the form of short videos that can be between 60 and 180 seconds. Creators can also post ads in live videos.

The company is also working to improve the experience of content creators in the Creator Studio tool. Now, the company is enhancing the Creator Studio tool with features such as Comment Insights. The Comment Insights feature displays how particular comments can impact engagement and audience size. The company is also adding the ability for creators to sign in by using the Instagram login credentials.

The new features will allow content creators to generate extra money as well as manage their presence on Facebook’s platform. It is expected that the company will expand the availability of Stars and fans subscriptions to more countries as well.

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