Microsoft Adds More Password Options To The Authenticator App For Android Users

Finally, Microsoft has rolled out an update for the Android version of the Authenticator application that lets people change their passwords within the Authenticator app. Microsoft originally announced this update for the iOS version of the Authenticator app earlier this year. Now, the feature is finally going love for Android users too.

The new update is a highly-anticipated tool for the application, particularly if you use it as two-factor authentication to sign in to your Microsoft 365 accounts. The account details screen of the Authenticator application shows extra information for each account. The extra information displayed in the account details screen includes a one-time password and status of the smartphone log-in feature. You can use a one-time password code for authentication and you will also see controls to change the password in the account details screen of the Authenticator application.

Moreover, users can also update the security info of each account in the account details screen in the Authenticator application. The Microsoft Authenticator application also provides options for users to review recent activity. These options can be helpful for you if you want to ensure that everything is entirely secure for your account, as well as if you want to remove your account from the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Managing their accounts has become something extremely necessary for Microsoft consumers. Considering the fact that the adoption of some specific services has increased during the lockdowns, the Microsoft Authenticator application has also recorded increasing adoption. The usage of Microsoft Teams has also surged during the past few months.

The company originally shipped this update to iOS TestFlight during April. However, all the people using iPhones received the update a month later. Microsoft while originally announcing about the update stated that the company is committed to continuously enhance the consumer experiences. So, the company refurbished the user experience of how accounts of the users are displayed in the Authenticator application. According to some Microsoft consumers, staying informed about the security of their account needs to be quick, simple, as well as smooth, announced the company.

If you want to use all these new options of the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android smartphone, you will have to download the latest version of the Authenticator Application on your Android device.

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