Mark Zuckerberg Faces Storm of Employee Protests and Resignations After Refusing to Remove Donald Trump’s Facebook Post

This past week a lot of protests as well as a fair amount of violence has erupted in America, and a lot of this has to do with the fact that a black man named George Floyd was allegedly killed due to excessive force applied by police officers, with some going so far as to refer to this as police brutality.

This is a hot button issue, one that pretty much anyone with a fair amount of relevance is going to want to comment on. U.S. President Donald Trump, no stranger to courting controversy or making outrageous statements, weighed in with a series of tweets and a Facebook post that has some up in arms, calling it a statement that glorifies violence.

Twitter has seemed to take this seriously with the social media platform putting a disclaimer on the tweet echoing the sentiment that it glorified violence, but it seems that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided that the post does not need to be removed or censored in any way, shape or form, furthering his opinion that censorship is something that Facebook is not responsible for.

This has caused an uproar not just among the general public but among Facebook’s own employees as well, with many employees protesting through virtual walkouts during meetings and some going so far as to resign from the company.

This seems to indicate that a period of strife is bound to occur for Facebook and the social media platform might just struggle to find its footing since it is doing something that much of the public as well as its own employees don’t find acceptable. Zuckerberg has remained adamant that this is the way to go, and at this point we will have to wait and see whether an unstoppable force can overcome an immovable object.

Photo: Reuters

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