The Latest Study Reveals That Kids In Spain, US, And UK Spend Nearly As Much Time On TikTok As They Spend Watching YouTube Videos

A study was conducted on app usage habits of kids which indicates a significant threat to the dominance of Google’s YouTube. The study found that kids now split time between YouTube and other applications such as Netflix, TikTok, and games such as Roblox.

On average, kids who are between four to fifteen years old now spend 85 minutes daily while watching videos on Google’s YouTube. In comparison, they spend 80 minutes per day watching TikTok videos.

Around 60,000 families with kids aged between four and 14 years old across the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain provided data for the annual report of Qustodio, a digital safety app maker. The study encompasses the online habits of kids from Feb 2019-Apr 2020. The research also takes into account the impacts of the coronavirus crisis and especially focuses on four major categories of smartphone apps - video games, education, social media platforms, online video.

YouTube is the most-used application among kids, and they are watching twice as many videos daily as kids watched 4 years ago. YouTube app is meant to be used by people who are 13 years or older, however, the age gate was never properly implemented. This lead to a fine of $170 million being imposed by FTC on YouTube during 2019.

Currently, 69%, 74%, and 88% of children in the US, UK, and Spain use YouTube. Meanwhile, YouTube Kids is used by 7% and 10% of children in the US and the UK. In comparison 33%, 29%, and 28% of kids in the US, the UK, and Spain watch Netflix. Children in the United States spent 86 minutes daily on YouTube in early 2020, and 88 minutes daily during 2019.

Kids in the UK and Spain spent 75 minutes and 63 minutes, respectively, per day on YouTube in early 2020, and 77 minutes and 66 minutes during 2019. The time spent increased during the lockdowns as children in the US spent 99 minutes daily on YouTube in mid-April and 95 minutes daily on TikTok during lockdowns. TikTok ranked among 5 most-download apps last year. The average time spent by kids on TikTok increased 116% to reach 82 minutes, 97% to reach 69 minutes, and 150% to reach 60 minutes in the US, the UK, and Spain respectively during May 2019 and Feb 2020. During February, 16.5%, 17.7%, and 37.7% of kids in the US, the UK, and Spain used TikTok while 20.4% and 16% of US kids used Instagram and Snapchat respectively.

17% and 15% of kids in Spain, 54% and 31% US kids, and 51% and 23% of UK kids play Roblox and Minecraft, respectively. During February, the average daily time spent on Roblox by kids in the US, the UK, and Spain was 81 minutes, 76 minutes, and 64 minutes respectively. Google Classroom is used by 65% of kids in Spain, 51% of kids in the US, and 31% of kids in the UK.

The report published by Qustodio notes that screen-time rates were already increasing before the pandemic and the coronavirus only accelerated it. The firm concluded that the increase in the usage of apps by kids may never return to normal levels.

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