Instead Of Taking Down The Problematic Content Made By Trump, Zuckerberg Changes The Facebook Policy So He Doesn’t Have To Delete The Post

Facebook is a platform having 2.6 billion monthly active users. It is a social network connecting millions of people throughout the world. Celebrities and political figures have been using it to share their opinions publicly. Facebook keeps a check on its user’s activity, although it provides freedom of speech but keeps a strict eye on the communication that is made. If there is something against the policies, Facebook tends to take it down immediately. However, sometimes the case if different.

Donald Trump has been on target by the critics for a long time. His posts and tweets are sometimes falling under the eligibility criteria for violating policies. He occasionally promotes hate speech in his statements. For this purpose, his posts are always a hot topic. Back in 2015, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg was willing to take down some of President’s post. But instead of deleting the post, he changed the policies of the platform, i.e. according to a report by WP.

According to new policies, such posts were allowed and identified as “Political Discourse”. This was done for of-course reasons; Zuckerberg didn’t want the posts to be deleted. Although Mark Zuckerberg’s decision received a huge criticism he still stood unaffected with the situation.

According to Washington’s Sunday post, in 2015 President Donald Trump posted a video regarding Muslim immigrants. The video promoted hatred and hostility against Muslims. Public all around went crazy over the video. According to the policies, the video should have been removed. However, the chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, Senior Executive Joel Kalpan, and other prominent members of the team allowed the video under-recognition of Political Discourse.

While whole this chaos, another issue aroused was PR Risks.

Mark Zuckerberg was advised by his advisors to condemn Trump’s decision about building a border with Mexico; otherwise, it would look like Zukerberg was involved in favoritism.

Mark’s such decisions have provided a uniform platform to other headmen of the countries. For example, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s President to promotes provoking content on the platform.

Every social media platform tries its best to provide a hatred free platform, along with freedom of speech. But they keep a strict check on users who are tended to violate the policies. They either send a warning or take the post down. Facebook has been playing an important role in keeping a check on its users. But sometimes the negligence by the platform becomes questionable.

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