Instagram Is Experimenting With Facebook Messenger Integration and Plans Sticker To Enable Users To Schedule Online Hangouts

The social media giant, Facebook has been planning to integrate its messaging applications, and now it seems that the company is testing new features to integrate Messenger with Instagram. The new functionality will enable you to view your Messenger messages in your Instagram DM.

Alessandro Paluzzi posted a screenshot displaying which highlights that Instagram is testing something new. The new feature will allow users to receive their Messenger messages on Instagram. The option says that ‘Get Messenger on Instagram.’ The company has also confirmed the test in tweet. However, Instagram stated that the new feature is currently not ready for public use. Instagram tweeted that the option is currently an early prototype and the company is not testing the feature externally.

The new functionality is part of the company’s broader plan to enable complete cross-messaging functionality across Facebook’s messaging apps namely WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This means that when Facebook will be able to enable full cross-messaging functionality across its family of apps, you will ultimately be able to send and receive text messages to and from any of these Facebook’s messaging services. This also indicates that the inbox will be required to be replicated within each Facebook’s application.

This is an important undertaking for the company to undertake. However, the ultimate result will be that whenever users will receive a message in any Facebook’s messaging service, that message will also be available on the other two messaging apps. With that being said, users can also expect that if Facebook introduces a new feature on any messaging app, the other two platforms will also receive the messaging feature soon.

The company has not made any noise related to this project, however, the new test confirms that Facebook’s integration plan is still in progress and the company is making efforts to connect its messaging platforms.

Additionally, it was also seen that Facebook is testing another feature- a new Plans sticker with some Instagram users. FDT, a marketing consultant posted some screenshots displaying the new sticker type called ‘Plans’ sticker. The new sticker enables you to schedule online meet-ups. The Plans sticker may also link to Facebook’s Rooms offering.

When a user adds the new Plans sticker, the user will be provided an option to include a date and info on your Instagram Stories viewers will be able to join the online meet-up. Those users who view your Instagram Stories can also see who else (among their friends on Instagram) has shown interest in the online meet-up.

The new option will also be good for webinars or product announcements. There are a lot of ways you can use the new Plans sticker to help promote various sorts of online meet-ups. There is not a lot of contexts available about the new option, however, we can say that the new option will be rolling out to US users as FDT is based in the United States. Although these new functionalities are not major, the new options still offer new considerations as well as opportunities. The messaging will become convenient across Facebook’s family of applications, and online meet-ups are also gaining momentum during the coronavirus lockdowns.

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