Facebook’s Instagram Is Adding A Suggested Tab Within The Home Tab And Some Users Are Not Happy

Instagram is working on a feature that may keep the users engaged even after they have reached the ‘You’re All Caught Up’ marker. Currently, the company is testing a ‘Suggested’ tab for recommended content within the home tab of the Instagram app.

When a person is online scrolling through all the Instagram Posts and swiping through all the Instagram Stories of people they follow on the Instagram app, ultimately a marker shows us that says, You’re All Caught Up. Now, if the user is done, and have the motivation, they quit the Instagram app, and jump to another app such as Twitter, or Snapchat, etc. However, Instagram does not want the users to switch to other apps, the social networking app hopes that the new Suggested tab will keep the users engaged for longer, particularly if the users do not check the Explore tab of the Instagram app.

Now, when a user reaches the end of the Home tab after the You’re All Caught Up marker, they will see two split tabs. This means that Instagram will displays users, two split tabs - Older tab and Suggested tab.

If a user taps on the Older tab, Instagram will display them the posts they have already seen. However, if a user tap on the Suggested tab, recommended posts will appear. Now, if you want to go back, you only have to switch to the Older posts tab, and you will start seeing the regular Home posts tab.

It seems that the company is making efforts to get more people to stick to Instagram’s platform. Instagram is also helping with the company’s e-commerce goal. It will allow more users to browse and shop thanks to the recommendation listings of the Instagram app.

Instagram has also confirmed that it is testing the new feature. In an explainer to Social Media Today, Instagram states that if a person is in the test, the feature appears after they have seen all the posts in their Home tab. Once a user gets the ‘You’re All Caught Up’ marker and they scroll past this notice, they will now have the option to view recommended posts from the Suggested tab. Users can also choose to go back to older posts that they have already seen.

The new feature may be interesting for users as they will not have to switch to the Explore tab for recommended posts. Most users switch to the Explore tab after the You’re All Caught Up notice appears, however, the new feature allows users to view recommended content without having to switch to the Explore tab. Still, some users who have the new user interface of the Instagram app are not happy with it. One of the users tweeted that the new UI is annoying and Instagram should delete it. Here are how users are reacting:

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Featured Photo: Esra Hacioglu/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
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