Here are latest insights into Mobile app engagement by various methods

To see the progress and success of an application, it is important to keep an eye on some stats that show whether that app is getting a sizable number of downloads or not? It is imperative to find out if there is an appropriate user engagement on the app or not?

So, to check the level of user engagement that every app gets to ensure desired profits, some methods are employed, which are as follows:

1. Push Notifications, which is a way to reach out to the inactive users while also preserving the old as well new users.

They can increase the app engagement by 88% because almost 52% of users are always looking for offers and proposals in these push notifications and 40% of users are quick to react to these notifications within one hour.

It has been noticed that when a Push Notification is enabled, two-thirds of app users start using the app within a month. So, this not only stimulates user engagement and improves retention, but it also increases the conversion rates by targeting the right users and enhancing brand consistency.

2. Through In-App notification Messages that appear on the screen when a user actively using the app.

They have a wider reach and seem very personalized; therefore, their response ratio is 8 times higher than Push Notifications. They have decreased new-user retention from 80% to 50%, but they work great when used for app-based events due to a 4 times better conversion rate than all other methods.

3. SMS can increase customer engagement and enhance the promotion of products and services. According to studies, 98% of text messages are acknowledged within the same day, while 74% of users claim to not have any unread SMS in their phones. Also, SMS service is 3 times more used over calling among women between 18 to 34 years of age.

32% of users react to promotional SMS from vendors and dealers.

The engagement rates through SMS are 6-8 times higher than emails.

4. The importance of Emails cannot be denied, because 71% of smartphone users prefer using the app for email purposes against surfing on various websites.

An open email rate on the app is 50%, and a non-responsive email can be deleted within 3 seconds, but responsive emails can increase the click rate by 15%.

So, these are some important methods to ensure mobile app engagement with the users. All these methods improve the chances of connectivity with the consumers, and that is always beneficial for marketing as well as engagement and promotion.

Infographic on Mobile App User Engagement

Source: Dotcominfoway.

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