Google Rolls Out New Local Context Capability for the 15th Anniversary of Maps

Google Maps has long been a really useful way in which people can end up getting to where they need to go, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it has a lot of routes that can be checked out and it can provide real time guidance which was truly a revolutionary feature when it was first launched. This application is now celebrating the 15th anniversary of when it was first launched, and Google has decided to celebrate this by adding a new capability.

Previously, 3rd parties were only able to add to the maps themselves as well as locations and the like. However, the new capability that is being rolled out is called Local Context, and it will allow 3rd parties to add a lot of other information as well. This information is ostensibly going to make it so that people would be able to learn a lot more about the place they are in, since the information they will be getting from Google Maps is going to be sourced from locals who would know the area best. This would also help local businesses provide more context for where they are as well as what they represent.

It’s important to understand that in a lot of ways, Google Maps has evolved beyond a simple GPS navigation system that people tend to use. The fact of the matter is that it is now becoming a hub for people to learn about culture and the like, and it is becoming a guide that people can use to not just get around a certain area but to actually understand the culture and history of where they are which is definitely going to be something quite important in the long run. This also indicates a much less strict direction that Google might soon start taking in the near future.

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