Are Google Ads Still Worth It for Australian Businesses?

It’s been almost 20 years since Google’s flagship online advertising program, Google AdWords, was launched. Now called Google Ads, the program still involves bidding on keywords so that a business’s clickable ads can appear on Google’s search engine results page. For example, someone who does a Google search with the keywords “same day flower delivery Melbourne” will see a few clickable advertisements above their results. Those listings may belong to Melbourne companies who’ve bid on these keywords through Google Ads.

Their investment is likely a handsome one: since they’re at the top of the results page, they’re also at the top of customers’ minds. Customers are more likely to click on these search results since they’re the most visible, as well as the most credible-looking. A well-done Google Ads campaign can leverage ads like these to generate valuable customer leads—i.e., the kind that likely result in conversions. And since its AdWords days, Google Ads has become even better at optimising leads for local businesses. From 20 million daily searches in 2000, Google Ads now works with 3 billion daily searches—many of which are for local products and services.

But how much does that matter for Australian businesses that are still looking to make it big? Will an initial investment on Google Ads bring satisfying returns? This article seeks to answer those questions, starting with a briefer on digital marketing and Aussie businesses’ response to AdWords. Ultimately, it argues for the potential of Google Ads for the Australian digital company.

Here’s some insight on campaigns for AdWords Melbourne entrepreneurs, as well as those from other major commercial areas in Australia, can really benefit from. If you own a business in Australia, let this be your guide to starting a digital campaign that gives back the best possible results.

Online Marketing among Australian Businesses: The Scene So Far

Australia’s digital economy is very much on the upswing. Aussies take to the internet more frequently than ever, and it’s often to transact for goods and services that they need. Statista predicts that digital payments will reach a total transaction value of more than AUD 63 million this year. Of that money, almost AUD 47 million will come from digital commerce.

As a consequence, many Australian businesses have heeded the call to invest more in their digital marketing efforts. A 2018 survey from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) detailed Aussie entrepreneurs’ growing interest in content marketing. Up to 38% of CMI’ssurvey respondents said that their organisation was in the adolescent phase for these marketing efforts. Around 28% considered themselves to be quite savvy at content marketing, while only 32% weretrying it for the first time.

For some time, Google AdWords has been the go-to digital marketing tool for Australian businesses. They’re often helped by search engine marketers who know the ropes. But the platform also has its fair share of detractors. Common complaints about Google Ads, aired by Aussie entrepreneurs themselves, are that it’s expensive and ineffectual.

And in truth, these concerns are perfectly valid—especially if the AdWords campaign isn’t done correctly. But the flipside also applies.A creative, expertly handled, and purposeful Google Ads campaign may turn out profitable for the client company in the end.

What Google Ads Can Still Offer to Australian Businesses

There are six key benefits that the Google Ads program can offer to Aussie businessmen. Done right, a Google Ads campaign can achieve the following.


It takes time to reach the top of a Google search page, but the visibility Google Ads will afford you may be well worth it. You’ll get the kind of reach that you wouldn’t be able to get through traditional advertising methods alone. Your business will be visible to thousands of Australian customers on a 24/7 basis.


Google Ads can also help your business gain a mark of credibility, which it needs in order to stay competitive. The higher your place is on Google’s search engine page results, the more favourably people will think of your business upon encountering it for the first time. If you’re on page one of the search results for a great combo of keywords, you’ll make a better first impression than your competitors in later search results pages. You will definitely want to know how to maximise your business’s trustworthiness with Google Ads.

Top-notch Analytics

An important reason to tap into Google Ads is its analytics capabilities. It shouldn’t stop at making you more searchable to your customers. You should also know what customers’ behaviour is like after they click on your ads. Competent marketers will help you derive key business insight from Google Ads analytics, and they will do so in a clear, exact, and accurate manner.

Quality Leads

A well-executed Google Ads campaign is a targeted one. You may want to draw inspiration from Australian digital marketing firm Dilate on this. Their strategy is to cast a smaller net instead of a wider one and emphasise smarter, more concentrated efforts than generic, wide-ranging ones. This approach speaks to the heart of AdWords: the right keywords, the right message, and proper alignment with the user’s intent. With this Google Ads strategy, you’ll find the customers who are actually looking for you—and make it easier for your sales to push through.

Competitive Edge

AdWords has long been a useful tool to set businesses apart from their competitors. Once you unlock the formula for a successful Google Ads campaign, you can get ahead of your peers in localised searches. This will establish you as a top contender for your area and for your business industry, thus leading customers to choose you over your competition.

A Return on Your Investment

The mark of a successful Google Ads campaign is undisputed ROI. If your business is able to score higher click-through rates on Google, it will also equate to a cheaper cost per click. Ultimately, this addresses the cost factor. You’ll be able to balance the cost with higher margins on your products and services. In a great Google Ads campaign, the numbers will speak for themselves. That’s why you’ll want a search engine marketing (SEM) partner who’ll take a concrete, data-driven, and results-based approach for you.

How the Google AdWords Experts at Dilate Can Help You Leverage Your Marketing

Dilate is an Australian digital marketing agency that pegs its accomplishments on those of its clients. The company’s SEM experts perfected their craft with Google Ads when it was still known as AdWords. For sure, they are building that expertise now, and all in the service of homegrown Australian businesses.

The agency runs AdWords campaigns that are truly ROI-driven, as that’s the only kind of campaign that’s worth its salt. Their customised approaches to search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing are founded on discovery, relationship building, and properly growing entrepreneurs’ customer bases.

To get your name out there, consider the services of a digital marketing agency like Dilate. Use Google Ads to propel you in your desired local markets—and become 21st-century leaders in your home industry!

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