Google is bringing a new feature that will let Android users know the purpose of an incoming business call

Google will soon let Android users know why a business is calling them through the Phone app. The tech giant is developing a feature known as Verified Calls which will identify various anonymous spams and marketing calls. This program will allow businesses to verify their identities and display their names along with the purpose of reaching out on the user’s screen.

To become a Verified Calls partner, according to AndroidPolice, Google will need businesses to share their call’s information before dialing their customers. Details like the business’s phone number, the number of the user it is calling, and the reason for the call such as “Medicines are now ready to be picked up” will be required by Google, in order for that business to become a Verified partner. Verified Calls will save this information in its servers and it will be forwarded to the Google Phone app on the user’s phone.

Whenever the business will call its consumer, the Phone app will cross-check information about the call with the servers, listing down the available data on the incoming call screen. Google says that once the call is ended, it will delete the user’s phone number and the call reason from its servers within a few minutes. It also added that all the verification data will be encrypted, so it can’t be tapped midway the transit and that it will not be shared with businesses. This eases up some concerns regarding security and privacy for the users.

Verified Calls will be in the default configuration of the Google Phone app. However, it can be disabled in the Settings under the Caller ID and Spam category.

Google’s Verified program is still in its early stages of development at this time however, and it is still not confirmed how many businesses have enrolled for the program. Google has been asked about providing more insight on the matter and its response is awaited.

Google is known for actively tracking and cracking down on robocalls and telemarketers over the past years. In many regions, the company now allows users to do tasks like booking restaurant appointments or delegate being on hold on the phone via the Google Assistant. Google has also launched a built-in call spam protection and caller ID support in the default configurations of the Phone app on Android. Users can download the Phone app via the Google Play Store.

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