Google’s New “Nearby Sharing” Feature Is Now Debuting On Windows, Mac And Chrome OS

Google is testing another feature called “Nearby Sharing”. The amazing part is that this feature is being labeled as the twin of AirDrop, which is present in iOS. This is because both ‘Nearby Sharing’ and ‘AirDrop’ are almost the same and perform the same job. They both are wireless service used to transfer files hassle-free. Just like its name: Nearby Sharing, it allows sharing files between devices. Nearby Sharing allows larger files to get transferred in lesser time.

Although we still have other options like uploading data online and then sharing links with the related person. But this has been an old method with this modernizing era. Before this, we had these options in Apple devices, but these features are being debuted in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS too.

The Nearby Sharing is also referred to as ‘Fast Share’. Fast Share is an option for Android users through which users could easily share videos, pictures, or links. Just like AirDrop lets Apple users share documents between iOS devices.

Google has made this feature visible in the Chrome OS Setting App, labeled as the latest builds of Chrome Canary. To make use of this feature, we need to enable it with a chrome flag (chrome://flags/#nearby-sharing) as we do it for other chrome features. The unfortunate part is that when the flag and toggle, both options are enabled, the feature doesn’t work. It indicates that it is functioning, and it's in development phase.

Few users are claiming Near By feature to be a brilliant option and better than AirDrop. However, that’s another discussion. Every technology rules for a period. After which its Kingdom gets over. The same is the case with Fast Share. Fast share is not fast anymore. It is predicted that Near By will replace Fast Share technology. The reason is that Fast Share is not working efficiently anymore. It has been often difficult for users to share things among devices through Fast Share.

Google still has to make an official announcement regarding this feature’s launch. But it has been built in for some time now. It is difficult to predict how this feature will bring evaluation in the era. We cannot guess what this new feature will be capable of. Up till now, a notification is seen, that is offering to receive a file.

This new feature seems to be very interesting and helpful. It is suspected that it will be a very useful feature. This feature might bring new evaluation in the era. However, as said before, we cannot say anything until Google announces it officially.

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