Google Introduces Group Calling To The Nest Hub Max Line Up

Lately, video chat has become one of the hot-selling points of any smart screen. Today people are valuing it as one of the most important features whether they plan onto buy Amazon Echo Show or Google’s Next Hub Max. However, the later despite being the best overall, still offered one-on-one calls.

It was all well for people who were not fond of group calling with family or friends. But post the COVID-19 pandemic, group chats all of a sudden became a necessity and we saw a proof of that in the form of business conferencing apps like Zoom experiencing a massive surge in usage. Today, the ones who still may not like group calling still has to be a part of office virtual office meetings or even students who are bound to attend online classes.

Google saw the potential and brought good news by finally allowing group video calling on Hub Max with Duo.

With the implementation of this new feature, up to 32 people would be allowed to join the group chat and the device will auto-frame the subjects in the picture - a basic show off of its capabilities. The video calling feature will also release on many other Google-ready smartphone screens as well including LG, JBL, and Lenovo.

All users are required to do is create a group on Duo which should be connected via the mobile app and you are good to use the feature with your voice.

Google will stay professionally focused with this feature as well. Previously, the company has worked on exploring the potential of their smart screens inside the workplaces, but now as the work from home culture is growing, they will definitely come up with business meeting options on such products.

Those who are already enrolled as a part of G Suite with Google Assistant beta program, they can already join business meetings through Google Meet.

Nevertheless, that feature is also coming out in the upcoming weeks.

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