Google Gives A Real Time Experience To Its Users By Rolling Out ARCore Depth API Feature

Google and Android developers have unleashed a new feature that will give a better and thrilling experience to Android users. This feature is widely available for all compatible Android devices.

The new addition to the feature list is ARCore Depth API. It will use the rear camera of a supported smartphone based on depth-from-motion technology. It evaluates the depth of the picture, captured by the rear camera. It further computes the distance of each point in the picture.

This feature will allow more realism when it comes to the AR feature. It is done through API. It gives depth to every pixel in the frame. It can be fun and cool at some time. Imagine adding a snowy effect to your video or image? And the cherry on the top is that it looks realistic.

If you feel it as a complicated concept, here we’ll make it clear to you. Remember using a Snapchat filter that had a hotdog dancing in it? It automatically disappeared if any object appeared in front of it? That is exactly the API new feature. API has managed very well to play with Artificial Intelligence.

This feature can help make confident buying decisions. A user can virtually place its favorite side table or a rug in his living place and evaluate if it goes with space or not. This feature will give a better preview result. Isn’t that amazing?

This feature will turn out to be very helpful in 3D games like Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery. This game requires a real-time experience. You, as a player, will be attacked by the character inside the game and you have to defend yourself by hiding behind the couch, furniture, or a door.

Director of Research and Engineering at Google, Izadi explained that this feature won’t require any extra efficient camera. The depth map is created as the user steadily moves the device. The smartphone calculates the depth within no time and presents the result on the screen.

This feature is available to 200 million users. A user can download ARCore Depth Lab from Google Play Store. The app can guide more about ARCore depth feature uses. More uses could be surface interaction, realistic physics, and surrounding transversal.

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