Google For Desktop Is Testing Product Photo Thumbnails

We have already seen that Google displays product photo thumbnails on the smartphone search results. The search engine behemoth displays these image thumbnails a lot on mobile searches. However, Google displaying product image thumbnails on desktop search results is less common as compared to mobile devices. The company does not display product image thumbnails in the main search results snippets on desktop web.

Back in the year 2019, Google increased the number of times the company displayed photo thumbnails in the smartphone search result. RankRanger published a report at that time stating that 75% of the search results RankRanger tracked had at least one product photo thumbnail in the search results.

Thumbnail is a compressed preview picture of the original image and the product image thumbnails displayed by Google can be useful for a lot of people. The main search results page will display you the image thumbnails of the product you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific product on Google, the browser will now display image thumbnails of that product. This will make it easier for you to decide which web page you should open.

Now, it seems that Google is again testing this feature on the desktop. Andrew Akesson shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that the company is testing this feature again for desktop users. In the screenshot, it is clearly visible that Akesson searched for Nike trainers on Google. In the search results on desktop, Google displayed image thumbnails of the product. If you try to replicate this feature across other web browsers, those browsers will probably not display product image thumbnails (as we've tested it too).

Andrew wrote in the tweet that Google is testing photos for organic transactional queries on the browser. He stated that it has been happening on the smartphone for a long time now. However, this was the first time he saw this test on the desktop. Google is always testing new features and functions, so do not be surprised if you see these sorts of tests in the coming days.

It seems that the tech giant is always working on ways to improve Search with beneficial visuals for users and internet surfers. Google also encourages owners of the websites to enrich their web pages with appropriate content. With the new feature, on desktop devices, you will see a short description of the product on the left side of the screen and an image thumbnail of the product on the right side of your screen. The image thumbnail displayed in the search results is the preview of the product image available on the website. As it is mentioned above, Google usually displays product image thumbnails on the mobile search results, but it is less common in desktop search results.

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