WhatsApp tests new colors to the dark mode, plans to bringing support for video and voice calls on WhatsApp Web version

One of the most famous cross-platform messaging applications, WhatsApp, keeps on bringing the latest features for consumers. With the upcoming update on its website, the Facebook-owned platform, is planning to add new color accents in the dark mode settings.

A report by WABetaInfo reveals that WhatsApp is preparing to add new colors to the dark theme. These new colors will make the web version of the app look more appealing to the eyes of the user. Furthermore, the upcoming update will bring support for the video and voice calls through the WhatsApp Web. Before this, a notification saying that the user must check their phones to answer calls was sent via the WhatsApp web every time a call was received. With this feature, they won’t have to reach for their smartphones as much.

The report also informed that WhatsApp is also working on Dark Theme with alternative dark colors for the dark iOS bubbles for Apple devices as well as Android devices.

As seen on the screenshots shared by the WABI, the new colors will include gray, bright yellow, and green. Users will also be able to manage and change this in the WhatsApp Settings under the Theme option. It will be available for both Android and iOS versions of the application.

Another application that has previously adopted a similar approach is Twitter, where there are two themes choose from as would many other applications. One is the regular light mode and the other being the dark mode. However, Twitter’s dark mode has two distinct themes, Dim and Lights Out. The Dim theme changes the background of the application to a very dark and deep blue color whereas the Lights Out completely blackens the background. Users can try and be comfortable with any theme that appeals to them, but it’s good to have options nonetheless.

WABI recently informed that WhatsApp might also be working on multi-device support. This will allow users to run one account on up to four devices simultaneously. It will also allow WhatsApp Web to work without the host smartphone needing to stay connected to the internet, which is very convenient. WhatsApp might bring support for various Android tablets and iPads with this feature.

Optimizing and upgrading the Dark mode also affects a device’s battery life. As many latest smartphones, on which these applications are used often, have now adopted OLED panels for displays. OLED panels do not need backlighting like the traditional LED panels, so when the black color is to be displayed, the pixels are turned off, hence they consume no power and save battery. Similarly, different colors require different consumption of power, so the darker the color the less power each pixel of the display consumes. This is another reason why it is good to have options in the availability of colors.

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