Apple Has Been Granted A Patent For Developing Synthetic Group Photos

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in various ways. It seems that the post-coronavirus pandemic world will bring a huge change when it comes to taking group selfies. It has been reported that Apple has been granted a patent by the USPTO (the United States Patent And Trademark Office) for software that would help people generate synthetic group selfies even if all the recipients of the group photo are in distinct locations. The Protocol points out that this software could be a way for us to take group selfies for social media platforms even if we are trying to practice social distancing.

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and people are staying at homes to prevent the virus from spreading, it could be an interesting way for the users to generate group selfies even during the coronavirus lockdowns. According to the patent app, a person using an Apple device will be able to invite their friends to take part in a group selfie. Then, the software would arrange the invited users together in a single photo.

The patent application was first discovered by Patently Apple, and the group selfie generated by the software could include still photographs, live streaming photos, or video pictures that are already stored. With this software, you can keep the original selfie as well as the group version of the selfie generated by the software. According to the report provided by Patently Apple, this patent involves a computing device which can generate synthetic group photos.

Each user will capture a selfie on their smartphones, and then the background of all these selfies will be removed. Then, these images will be sent to one smartphone to be assembled in a synthetic group selfie. Moreover, the original user as well as the recipients of the group selfie can make changes to the group selfie generated by the software. For example, you could put yourself in a different location in the group selfie. It is not yet clear whether the new feature will be made available to iPads or iPhones. It is also possible that Apple makes this feature available to both iPads and iPhones.

The idea of a socially-distant group selfie looks for perfect for a moment during these coronavirus lockdowns being imposed across the globe. However, we can also expect that the new concept was not created by the developers particularly with the ongoing state of affairs in mind.

Apple initially filed for the patent back in the year 2018. However, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent June 2nd of this year. The standard caveats apply to this patent as well like all the other patents. It is not indicated when the company will decide to use this software or how Apple will use it. Moreover, there is no indication of whether synthetic group selfies will ever become a thing for us or not, or whether any application related to this software will be rolled out or not.

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