A Recent Survey By Satellite Internet Shows That 33% of Gamers Play More During Quarantine

Several studies have proved that gamers are playing more video games during the coronavirus lockdowns. Most of the US citizens have been locked inside their homes since the coronavirus outbreak during March. People are turning to video games for entertainment during the lockdowns.

Survey Satellite performed a survey and asked people about their gaming habits during the quarantine. In the survey, it was discovered that 33% of gamers have been playing games more often since March due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. According to the survey conducted by Satellite Internet, 30% of people play video games for two to three hours per day.

23% of respondents stated that they are playing video games for four hours or more each day. Then, the respondents were asked whether they believe video games are addictive or not. 81% of them stated that video games are addictive. 18% of respondents said that their sleeping patterns have been disturbed due to gaming and they sleep less. It was also discovered in the survey that 14% of people skip their meals or work only to play video games. This indicates that addictive video games have led to some questionable behavior.

When the respondents were asked whether they prefer console or mobile gaming, it was discovered that both sides are approximately even. 34% of people who play video games use a dedicated home console. While 35% of respondents play video games on a smartphone or a tablet. The most popular consoles include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 21% of gamers prefer PlayStation 4, and 21% of other respondents stated that they prefer Xbox One. 12% of gamers said that they use Nintendo Switch.

This online activity has also impacted game performance. As more individuals are staying indoors, Home internet usage has been increased. This has resulted in slower connections. 39% of online gamers reported increased buffering, the survey found. Gamers have also experienced slower download speeds due to deliberate throttling of content delivery.

As children are home from school during the coronavirus pandemic, they are spending more time in front of their screens and their parents are worried. Microtransactions mean paying real money to purchase in-game bonuses and items. Microtransactions become a legal issue when minors under the age of 18 are involved. According to a United States Senator, game developers are monetizing addiction in children, and Loot Boxes should be eliminated from video games. Josh Hawley, a United States Senator stated that developers should not be allowed to monetize addiction when a game is created for children. He also said that children should be walled off from microtransactions if they play video games designed to be played by adults.

The Satellite Internet survey also discovered that 74% of people think that gaming applications marketed to children should not contain in-app purchases. Another 80% of respondents stated that they think kids should not be able to spend real money inside video games.

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