A new update in Google Chrome 85 will make browsing less frustrating for its users

The Internet is now a major part of our lives and almost everything we do pretty much relies on it. In order to use internet browsers play a very important role as it can either make browsing easy for us or frustrating.

The users of most web browsers on desktop operating systems know the type of frustrating thing that happens with the option of drag and drop uploading.

Some users like us are so much used to the idea of drag and drop that they pretty much try to do every upload in that way. While trying to upload a file or an image onto a website some users come across the issue of websites not supporting the uploading of files in that way and sometimes the files user attempt to drag onto unsupported websites do not replace the content of the current tab at all and it’s not even the worst scenario where users also find the filled-in forms cleared.

Yes, we all pretty much came across these issues once in our lives at least but now thanks to Microsoft Edge developer Eric Lawrence, these issues will soon be resolved forever.

Google Chrome 85 will now be enabling users to open files in new tabs even if they accidentally drop it onto unsupported websites/widgets.

Twitter has always been the platform where users speak out their issues and companies even try to resolve them too and in case you want to illustrate the current problem you’ll see that this issue of drag and drop was first reported back in 2015 as the people complained about losing everything in case they missed the dedicated upload field in the text box while dragging and dropping.

So many websites don’t even support drag and drop features which result in users losing anything they typed into the editor. So, the drag and drop feature can be the most useful and the most frustrating feature depending on its existence on the websites.

The solution of Chrome 85 is something meant for people of both worlds, it is a solution for people who drag and drop a file onto a website just to view it in the browser window and they can do it so easily now as the files will open in new tabs now.

This new solution is also for the people who want to upload something on a website with drag and drop and with the new update; people can now even replace the content of the current tab by dropping the selected files into the address bar.

Similar to the update of removal of backspace in the Chrome 52 back in 2016, this new update in Chrome 85 is all meant to make the experience of browsing less frustrating for users.

Currently, this new change is live in Chrome Canary 85 and you can easily download it from here, but just keep in mind to not use it as a daily driver as it’s the most unstable variant of the browser for now.

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