YouTube Is Rolling Out Its Personalized Topics Recommendations To iOS And The Web

  • YouTube added personalized topics recommendations to its Android app last year, and now this feature is coming to the web and iOS with extra language availability.
  • These topic suggestions are based on the video and channel a user is currently watching and aims to help users find the next great content to view more easily.

Last year, YouTube rolled out a personalized topics suggestions feature to its Android Home tab. The feature allows the users to sort the videos suggested by YouTube by topic. The video hosting platform is now bringing the said feature to and iOS, and the company has also expanded the language availability of this feature.

YouTube displays these topics recommendations when a user is signed in and aims to help users locate the next great video to watch more quickly. The suggestions appear beneath top banner ads, and for YouTube premium members, YouTube displays this carousel underneath the search bar. By default, you will see ‘All suggestions’ along with the other 15 or so other recommendations to the right. The suggested topics are based on your personalized experience, and whenever you select a video to watch, YouTube will update the feed to present you content only related to that particular topic.

The ‘Up next’ index of autoplay videos also displays the ‘personalized topics.’ YouTube will show you these topic recommendations on the basis of the video and channel you are currently streaming. These topic suggestions will also be based on the topics YouTube thinks you are interested in based on your streaming history.

Topics suggestions will provide the users with more control over the videos YouTube displays on the Home tab and ‘Up next.’ The platform will match your recommended videos with any topic you tap.

YouTube is releasing the said feature for iOS users with increased language availability. The feature will now be available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. We expect that Google will roll out the function in the upcoming weeks for all users.

With that being said, Google plans to introduce new personalized sections to surface even more content. The company plans to offer sections such as Gaming, Creators, YouTube Mixes, Music, and Learning topics to the users later this year.

Users will soon see the suggested topics on the Home tab and ‘Up next’ on the Android and iOS app, and desktop users will also be able to use the said feature. Last month, YouTube also released a new ‘Explore tab’ which displays trending videos related to topics that YouTube’s AI system thinks you are interested in. If we compare the Explore tab with the changes being introduced to YouTube today, we can say that the Explore tab recommends you trending videos. At the same time, the personalized topics suggestions display you categories related to your current interests on the platform, the content YouTube's algorithm thinks you are interested in.

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