YouTube Ventures Into eCommerce With New Feature

YouTube has been broadening its horizons in an attempt to maintain its supremacy as a video hosting platform, but one thing that it had failed to move into even as its competitors Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp started to move into it was e-commerce. This is the next big thing without a shadow of a doubt, and the fact of the matter is that Amazon may be the biggest company in this field but at the end of the day its competitors are fast catching up, and it’s fair to say that Google would want to jump in on this sort of thing with YouTube as well since this is their most social media-like property.

It turns out that a new feature is coming to YouTube that is going to be very forward in its e-commerce focus in a really big way, making it so that you can figure out a lot more options in this regard than might have been the case otherwise. Google has offered suggested products for quite some time now, but YouTube has not been a part of this until now. This new feature is basically a window that would enable you to buy products from a video.

This is being referred to as a “Products You See In This Video” feature, and any and all products that are featured in a video will be available for you to buy. This won’t just be useful for YouTube as a company, content creators are going to greatly benefit from this as well in ways that might not have been otherwise possible. They would be able to earn revenue from product placements in a much bigger way all in all, as it would be more likely that users would click on suggestions given right then and there rather than relying on them searching for a product that has been marketed to them.

Along with that, according to Creator Insider, YouTube is also expanding its Learning program (a section that offers teens and adults quality educational content) in more regions and languages.

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Featured photo: Gettyimages / Sean Gallup
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