The Art Of Managing Momentum (infographic)

Sometimes people get stuck and it’s hard to get unstuck. Procrastination throws mental roadblocks in our way and moving them so we can get going again can seem like a Herculean task. Especially right now in the midst of a major global outbreak of a serious virus it may seem as though we can’t really get anything done anyway so why bother, but you can get yourself unstuck and start moving forward again. It just takes baby steps to get started.

Why Procrastination Happens

We procrastinate at first because we might feel we just need a break, and putting things off seems like a good idea. Over time it gets harder to restart, and procrastination becomes more of a habit than a temporary coping mechanism. Then it becomes unclear how to get started again as we analyze and overanalyze what needs to be done next.

Procrastination is especially strong right now because we have so many reasons not to get started. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world and it may seem as though holding patterns are the most safe option. But getting started on moving forward again is a great way to cope with uncertainty by giving yourself a sense of accomplishment, and it can even put you in a better position down the road.

Getting Started Again

The most important thing to do is to address problems head-on rather than leaving them to be figured out later. Sometimes problems can seem harder to solve than they are, and this can derail your progress. Remember that done is better than perfect and whatever solution you choose you will either fix it or learn from it.

Set goals and make plans to reach them. If you have a roadmap already laid out in front of you, it becomes easier to know the next step and the next step. That way, even if you experience a setback or bump in the road you will know what your next step is. Even baby steps forward move you in the right direction.

Even when things are falling apart all around you, you can still make decisions and take actions that will benefit you in the long run. It’s all about managing momentum.

Managing Momentum

Moving forward is easier when you are already moving forward, and getting started from a standstill is always going to be harder. That’s why it’s so important to manage momentum. It’s better to slow down when needed than to stop completely. Think about the gas mileage on your car. You use the most gas starting and stopping in the city, but when you get out on the highway your gas mileage goes up because it takes less to keep your momentum going. It’s the same thing with managing your own momentum.

It can be tempting after shocks and setbacks to stop completely, but it’s better to slow down and reassess before going full throttle again. Make lists and create goals. Set small goals at first because the feeling of accomplishment from even checking the tiniest thing off your list can be enough to propel you on to the next goal.

Success is a habit, and once you get into the habit of making progress your progress will continue to grow. Over time it will become easier to check more things off your list until you are reaching goals as a matter of habit rather than as a matter of brute force.

Things are hard right now for everyone, but you have a choice as to whether you will lose your momentum or keep going until you make it out the other side. Learn more about managing momentum from the infographic below.

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