Instagram’s New Guides Section Can Help Users and Businesses Connect

If you check out a random user profile on Instagram you are going to see that said profile will have a number of tabs. Posts, mentions and IGTV listings are the three tabs that are standard in such situations but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of other options that could potentially be available at any given point in time, and the good news is that Instagram’s new update has added one new tab into the mix which is basically a Guides section for the various profiles that you would potentially come across on the social media platform.

The Guides section will essentially be a curated feed that influencers can use to attempt to contextualize their content in some way, shape or form. It will also help make influencers and content creators a lot more approachable to people that had not heard of them previously. Users would be able to share Guides that they like to their stories which is the sort of thing that can really make it a lot easier for the average content creator to get more traction and make it so that a much higher number of people pay attention to the content that they are creating at the end of the day.

It’s interesting to note how similar the new guide section looks like to Pinterest. This goes to show the influence that Pinterest is having on the world of social media. With user numbers higher than ever before, Pinterest has gone from a social media platform that no one really paid attention to all the way to a contender in the social media world, one that has become so popular that even the likes of Instagram has started to model some of its features which is an indication that Instagram is taking the competition that Pinterest is providing quite seriously all in all.

The launch for this new tab is focusing on tips that are going to help you through the coronavirus pandemic, as well as a number of other tips that are focused on your general wellbeing. However, it seems pretty logical to assume that most content creators and influencers who are going to be using this new feature would end up using it for things like promoting new content as well as for collaborations and sponsorships in order to make it so that more money can be earned.

Brands will also likely start using this new feature to promote new products and the like, something that could change the face of Instagram in a way that some might not consider to be all that ideal all in all.

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