Facebook Introduces New Brand Safety Controls for Ad Placement

Facebook earns a majority of its income through ad revenue, and the fact of the matter is that until and unless the social media platform optimizes the ads that brands and marketing agencies can end up taking advantage of then it would be highly likely that one of its competitors could end up making a fair amount of headway in this regard.

Hence, as a result of the fact that this is the case, Facebook is introducing some new ad placement settings that brands can take advantage of. These ad placement options basically have a lot to do with whitelists. While this was initially introduced back in November, it is being rolled out on a far wider scale right now and this is making it so that Facebook can provide a wider range of brands to become part of the whitelists that can help make ads a great deal more effective than they might have been otherwise.

One of the whitelists that are included have to do with publishers. Being on this whitelist will give brands a lot of control over what third party apps their ads end up being viewed over which can make it so that they can really zero in on certain niches that they might want to target.

Another whitelist that a lot of brands are going to be added to has to do with content. Brands would now be able to work with third party service providers who would be able to streamline and optimize their video content and make it so that it ends up having the kind of reach you would want from something like this all in all. These are changes that are really going to help brands get more out of Facebook ads, thereby making this type of advertising a much more appealing and attractive option than it might have been otherwise.

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