Wear OS Smartwatches Notifying Users To "Wash Your Hands"

People around the world are constantly hearing the one-liner of “washing your hands” in every other hour or in some cases, even minutes. And if they still tend to remain careless about washing their hands - that too with a Google smartwatch on their wrist, then the Wear OS is also here to send you similar reminders.

While the world’s struggle with coronavirus pandemic is still dreadful, Google’s operating system is leaving no chance to act like a responsible technology company to save the world with its efforts. Hence, as a result the new feature will come out as a part of the v5.4.0 update of the Google Clock app.

The feature as first spotted by the Android Police will be based inside the Clock application and from there, your watch will automatically notify you about going to a sink nearby and wash your hands after every three hours. The feature also allows you to set a timer of 40 seconds so that no bacteria remains on your skin.

However, amidst all the excitement, if you don’t like the reminder, you can also disable it through Settings.

For now, there has only been one effective way to fight against the deadly COVID-19 and that is to wash your hands again and again throughout the day. As the trick does sound irritating - let alone doing it on your own, we all still cannot afford to ignore it if we want to save ourselves and our dear ones around us.

Furthermore, there are also web-based applications that nominate the celebrities you should wish Happy Birthday to while washing your hands and do an easy counting of 20 seconds, but Google certainly comes up with better ways to make life easy for all of us every time.

Photo: Google.

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