Use These Handy Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills In 2020 (infographic)

We all had experienced a situation when our writing work got rejected due to some errors. You may have also gone through a situation in your life when your professor or editor painted your masterpiece of writing work with a red pen. Sometimes, you wonder if the editor or professor required a second red pen to complete editing your masterpiece or their version of an abstract piece of art. You probably were confident about your work before submitting your writing work. But now your masterpiece looks more like a crime scene, and this crime scene may take hours or even days to clean up.

Motivating yourself to start writing again:

Sometimes, it is better to start from scratch and delete the initial draft. With that being said, you should always remember not to feel sorry about your writing skills, instead start writing again to improve yourself. To feel a little confident, remember that even famous writers such as Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and J.K Rowling also had their days off. So, there is no reason for yourself to feel exhausted.

Rather than feeling deflated, get back to your drawing board and start writing again to improve yourself. Take this as an opportunity to make your writing skills better and prove that your writing skills are much better than your initial draft. Your initial work may be an essay, proposal, or your first novel, but always remember this first draft will act as a stepping stone to your future achievements.

Free writing tools to improve your skills:

If you still require guidance and motivation, this list of free writing tools can help you with that. These free writing tools will help you to improve your writing skills. So, before you start writing, it will be helpful for you to refresh yourself with these awesome writing tools.

Best General writing apps:

The Following are some general writing tools that you can use to improve your skills.
These tools will encourage you to write more and will help in your research work and editing phase.

Best free grammar tools:

To reduce your grammatical mistakes, you can use the following best free grammar tools.
These are some tools available online which will fix your grammatical errors in no time.

Best writing productivity apps:

Some well-known writing productivity apps to help you focus and eliminate distractions while writing are stated below.

Best tools for business writing:

These are some widely used business writing tools.


So, next time if you lack confidence and feel demotivated in your writing skills, be sure to use this guide to refresh your writing abilities. It will also help to reduce the number of edits on your next writing project and be sure to show your teacher or editor how much you have improved your writing skills.

Infographic source: Wikibuy.

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