Twitter for Mac, Twitter for Web Both Get Updates

It seems like Twitter is not taking a break even during this global crisis that we are currently going through, and as a result of the fact that the social media platform has made a lot of strides to try and improve things you might see an update or two whether you are using the Twitter app that has been designed for Mac or the Web browser version of Twitter that so many people end up using all in all.

With Twitter for Mac now you will be able to toggle an option that will keep streaming new tweets into your timeline. This basically means that you will never have to refresh your feed again if you toggle this on! The tweets that are coming will be latest tweets and will not be sorted by the algorithm before being delivered to you which means that you are probably going to see tweets as they come rather than them being sorted according to your preferences, although some people prefer to see latest tweets anyway so this might just be a very useful feature for them all in all.

An update is coming to Web users as well, although it is not quite as exciting as the one that is coming for the Mac app. The update that we are talking about here is a pop up menu that you can see underneath the tweet button on the side panel, one that when you click you will see a list of all connected accounts as well as the option to add more accounts that you can quickly switch between.

This is a feature that has been available on the app for quite some time now but it is new to the web version so it might just be something that can improve the average user experience in some way, shape or form.

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