Report Highlights 100+ Malicious Android Apps And Shady Developers Behind Them

  • A latest research revealed a group of app developers producing malicious apps that you should delete from your phone.
  • These apps require permissions that are not related to their core purpose.

A hacker can attack your device if you are not being careful and when we install an app in our device, it provides these cyber attackers a chance to enter into our devices. CyberNews latest research revealed a group of these types of cyber attackers consisting of 27 app developers with 101 total apps. This suspicious network copies popular apps and these apps have over 68.7 million downloads together.

You should immediately uninstall these suspicious apps as they require unnecessary permissions, APKs are copied from famous app developers and are easily spotted if compared with original apps. Moreover, all the developers of this suspicious network have the same privacy policy, insufficient Firebase, and two-part names most of which seem to be fake.

CyberNews provided the proof of these apps being malicious by highlighting the permissions these apps require when downloaded. For instance, call recorder app and calculator app will require access to camera or an image editor requires permission to record audio. Bernard Meyer stated that memory booster app and phone cooler app among these suspicious apps require permission to access your location data and the phone cooler app even wants to view and edit your files. A dual account application required permission to a range of features on your device such as GPS, camera, contacts, body sensors, and calendar, etc. It is clear that these permissions are way far from the main functioning of relevant apps and are clearly unessential.

According to CyberNews, these apps steal your personal data and sell it to third-parties to make money. The connections of this suspicious group are unknown and we do not know who they are. But if you grant these dubious apps and their developers the required permissions, the suspicious applications will run malware on your device helping the cyber attackers to gain access to your device and data. Moreover, these apps provide bad services and are often flooded with a lot of advertisements. You can view the list of the suspicious app developers and the dubious apps in the below image table:

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