Now you don’t have to worry about your stories being limited to Snapchat Only!

Snapchat is a social media app that enables its users to post real-time pictures exclusively. This app is pretty much famous among all types of age groups as they can easily take a look at the daily routines of their friends and families through this app.

Despite so many perfect features of this app, the majority of the users felt this app to be a bit backward as compared to other social networks as Snapchat lacked the feature of sharing its stories to other apps but not anymore.

Now with a new update, users of Snapchat can easily share their stories with other apps without worrying about anything else at all.

The latest update of Snapchat enables the users to invite third-party developers to post stories on their own platforms which means that Snap users can now share their stories outside of Snapchat as well.

This new update launched on March 31st and the new feature of App Stories is considered to be a personal invitation for third-party developers enabling them to build the stories into their apps as well which indicates that the Snapchat users can now send their stories to stories on other apps as well and so far four apps already have this built-in integration.

The feature of App Stories is a part of Snap Kit, the code of App Stories is meant to help other apps build integrations in Snapchat and with this code, a variety of third-party developers can now create their own options to share stories originally posted inside Snapchat. This App Stories option opens the Snap camera so that the users can share Stories inside the apps.

The apps that attempt to add this integration, the users of such app will be enabled with the option to send stories to their chosen app with the option available inside Snapchat named Send To Screen.

According to Snapchat, this new update will enable its users to share their stories on Snapchat along with other third-party apps as well and the users can also choose the option to either post on both apps or just share Snapchat stories outside the app only.

According to the insight by Snapchat, this new Stories integration is all meant to provide privacy to its users as the integration of third-party apps doesn’t mean that Snapchat will be sharing the friend lists of its users. This new privacy update of not sharing friend lists came in the light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal which was caused due to the sharing of information of friends with third-party apps.

According to Snapchat, Four apps have already integrated with this App Stories feature of Snapchat.

The following are the four apps with already built-in integration of App Stories

Octi is a social app of augmented reality and now the users of Snapchat can share their stories with Octi Stories without any issue at all.

Squad is a social app meant to help a group of friends watch videos or use a variety of apps together and now with this app being connected to App Stories, users can watch stories even while on a call.

Triller app will also be sharing Snapchat Stories from artists and friends as this app is all meant to create music videos.

The dating app named Hily will be gaining the Snapchat camera features and the users of Snapchat can now post directly on Hily Stories via Snapchat and it is now one of the most used features of Hily.

According to the report, in the fourth quarter of 2019 Snapchat gained more than 150 new partners with its Snap Kit so now let’s see how these four apps will adapt to the Snapchat Stories feature.

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