MrBeast's YouTube Rock, Paper, Scissor Contest Is Now The Most Viewed Original Live On YouTube, Raised Over $1 Million For Charity

  • 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot won the contest-winning $250,000 for the coronavirus assistance aid donation of his choice.
  • MrBeast’s ‘creator games’ raised over $1 million for the COVID-19 aid charity.
  • The Creator Games now holds the record of the most-watched original Livestream of YouTube.

According to Tubefilter, the Creator Games is officially now the most-viewed live Original on YouTube beating out Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’s Lounge’ and Will Smith’s ‘The Jump.’ The Creator Games had 662K peak concurrent spectators while The Jump and Lover’s Lounge had 300K and 185K peak concurrent viewers, respectively.

At the end of MrBeast’s contest, Nadeshot, who has 3.2 million subscribers with 2 million views and Casey Neistat, who has 12 million YouTube subscribers with 25 million monthly views, were left. Both the YouTube content creators reached the final round defeating over 30 other digital celebrities, including the legendary actor ‘Jack Black’ who was a special guest in the contest. You can view the complete list of contestants in a tweet post by MrBeast on his official Twitter account.

Jack Black has 4.6 million YouTube subscribers and 6 million monthly YouTube views, while MrBeast has 34.4 million subscribers on YouTube with 300 million monthly views. 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot and Neistat went head-to-head in the final round of The Creator Games. The Creator Games is a virtual rock, paper, scissors contest hosted by MrBeast, whose real name is ‘Jimmy Donaldson.’

Nadeshot was ultimately able to defeat Neistat winning $250,000 for the coronavirus relief donation of his own choice. Upon being named champion, Nadeshot decided to choose the CDC Foundation for contributions, which is an independent nonprofit organization created by the United States Congress. The CDC foundation aims to raise money for the health and safety of the U.S and the world.

MrBeast’s Creator Games donations did not stop only at Nedshot’s $250,000 winnings. Some contestants also donated a particular amount on every per round they won during the Apr 25 live. Ninja, who has 3 million followers on Mixer, pledged $10,000 for every series he won, and he donated a total amount of $20,000 defeating LazarBeam (13 million subscribers and 180 million monthly YouTube views) and Pokimane (4.6 million Twitch followers). Ninja ultimately lost to Nadeshot.

Google promised to donate $2 for every $1 donated by viewers, and by the end of the contest, they together donated over $1 million for the coronavirus aid charity. Ninja’s donations and the amount given by Google and the fans went to the WHO’s ‘coronavirus solidarity response fund. Donaldson tweeted after the contest that they were able to raise more than $1 million for the coronavirus aid charity.

Donaldson’s Creator Games now holds the record of YouTube most-viewed live original of all times. The Livestream became the most-watched YouTube Live original with a peak of 622K concurrent watchers and was crystallized on MrBeast’s channel. The stream has so far been watched more than 16 million times and appears No.1 on YouTube Trend tab at press time.

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