Instagram is Showcasing NEW Camera Features for Stories!

If there’s one social platform that can’t resist evolving constantly, it has to be Instagram. Over the last couple of years, the Facebook-owned media sharing service has been rolling out exciting features and updates on a regular basis. So, why would it stop now, right?

Recently, renowned social media commentator Matt Navarra got a scoop from Jacki Pitkow regarding the latest Instagram features. He took to Twitter to share a couple of sneak peeks at the new camera features that Instagram is highlighting for its stories!

Let’s discuss the new features one-by-one. Firstly, “Clearer Navigation” will allow you to easily switch between creating a story or going live. The second new feature a.k.a. “Easier Access to Tools” suggests that commonly used creative tools such as Boomerang, Create, Layout, etc. will now be a part of a new side menu to ensure their easy access.

The third feature, “Adapts to You” is undoubtedly the most interesting out of the batch. Courtesy of this feature, the camera (as you continue using it) learns about the tools you prefer and keeps those in view.

We have to admit that all of these features sound quite intriguing. It will be interesting to find out over time how Instagram users react to these. In case you still don’t have these camera features available, update your app to the latest version. If that doesn’t work, wait for the rollout process to complete.

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