Facebook and Instagram’s new feature aims to provide more information to followers of high-reach accounts

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of users engaging on a daily basis.

Nowadays, people prefer engaging with new people through social networks more as compared to the past and now with the increase in demand brands prefer engaging with their fans through social media platforms too as compared to previous years as the demand of digital medium is increasing day by day.

Facebook is known for its unique services that it provides to its users and the platform isn’t sitting back this time as well because the new feature by Facebook and Instagram is aimed to make the high-reach accounts more transparent to its followers.

Facebook is introducing new feature that will help the followers of high-profile Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to see more detailed information on the profiles as compared to the past.

If you’re one of those people who follows several social media accounts with a good amount of audience then with this new feature you’ll be able to see the primarily based location of the creator and on each post, you’ll be able to see the country of the major followers of that creator.

For now, Facebook is implementing this feature in the U.S. and starting it with Facebook high-reach Pages and some high-profile Instagram accounts based out of the U.S. but with the majority of the audience located in the United States.

According to the recent announcement by the social media company, all these new changes are made in an effort to protect the elections on social networks and to increase the transparency of high-reach accounts on both Facebook and Instagram so that the users can make more informed decisions based on the posts of these accounts.

Well, in case you don’t remember but this feature was originally launched back in 2018 on Facebook and Instagram and the users of Facebook are already enabled to see the primary location of the Page manager and this helps the users have a better idea on who is running it.

If you check Instagram, you’ll see that the ‘About this Account’ feature available on all profiles also display so more detailed additional information about popular accounts which also includes the information of the country the account holder is based in along with information of the former usernames, ads the profiles are running and also information regarding the date the account joined.

Before this announcement, this additional information was only available on Facebook Page and Instagram profiles but this new feature is making the availability of such information on all high-reach profiles and this will help minimize the risks of engaging with fake profiles as the users can now check all this information right from their feed in real-time.

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