How the Lockdown is Affecting Ad Effectiveness

Due to the reason that there are a lot of companies that are struggling during this difficult period, in many ways the main issue that is being faced right now has a lot more to do with things like money rather than a direct threat of catching the virus.

The economy has come to a standstill and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that there are lockdowns being put in place, and this has made it so that the vast majority of corporations tend to have to think about the various ways in which they would want to ascertain how much money they can end up saving on a regular basis. For the most part the money that is going to be saved is going to be important in its own way, but the main problem here has to do with the areas that companies are actually cutting their budgets from all in all.

For the most part one of the hardest hit areas seems to be advertising because of the fact that companies are prioritizing salaries and other necessary expenses and advertising is something that tends to focus on expansion rather than survival so it is understandable that a lot of companies might be slightly hesitant to focus on this particular region all in all.

However, the companies that are cutting their advertising budgets might want to reconsider their approach because of a new study that was conducted by Playground XYZ has indicated that people are paying more attention to ads than ever before. During the lockdown people don’t have a whole lot that they can do, and sometimes watching content all day long can get a little old. This is essentially why so many people are willing to watch ads more often because of the fact that it can become a bit of a break from what you might be watching and can thus be quite useful in a lot of different ways.

The research has indicated that the average attention span for ads among users has gone up by 20% 23%, and this rings true for ads that have to do with a wide variety of industries and sectors from finance to real estate as well as fast food. This means that now might just be the best time to show ads because the lockdown will end at some point and the effect of the ads that people have seen might just end up carrying over and subsequently informing their choices as consumers which would end up happening a lot sooner than you might think.

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