Popular Antivirus apps facing threats due to lack of security

On the internet, many security threats are faced by millions of people each day. To protect their computer systems, people download antivirus tools. Some work resiliently, with no room for any security issues. However, many antivirus tools have issues and weaknesses persisting in them. According to data analysis run by Rack911 Labs, there are around 28 popular PC antivirus programs, such as Microsoft Defender, AVG, Eset Cyber Security, Avast Free Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Endpoint Security, McAfee Endpoint Security, Norton Security, Malwarebytes for Windows, and BitDefender GravityZone, which have severe weaknesses in their security systems. Due to several flaws in these security programs, they allow malware systems to attack and delete necessary files from the user’s computers. The malware that attacks the antivirus system often prompts crashes which can cause the operating system to breakdown. This has been seen across different operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Macs.

The antivirus apps used software called “Symlink Races”. A symlink race software runs symbolic links and directory junctions in a software to find malicious files in users computer and differentiate them from normal files. Then the antivirus software scans for the malicious file and removes it once it found its source. System intruders have to download and run codes and files before antivirus launches the symlink race software, as it is a tool to enable an existing breach before starting it.

Rack911 Lab also analyzed that most of the antivirus applications and software have taken notice of the problems that persist and have fixed the bugs and errors, which allow the virus a passage in users system, rather quietly to avoid legal suits and troubles. After the errors were fixed, Rack911 Lab ran another test for data analysis which helped them identify that many previously vulnerable antivirus software had updated their systems and were stronger than before. However, this still leaves a lot of antivirus software susceptible and vulnerable. The lack of protection and security means that a lot of antivirus software are not as efficient and effective in removing viruses as they claim to be. So next time you update your antivirus software, make sure it has a complete and authentic security check to minimize threats to your precious files.

Featured Illustration: Pikisuperstar

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