Google Plans on Helping you get through Quarantine with the help of its Enjoyable Past Doodle Games!

Google has always been in line with global trends. So it was only fair for it to come up with something that will help us get through the lockdown, right? So, over the next couple of weeks, the Tech Giant will make a past Doodle playable every day!

Over the last decade or so, Google’s homepage has featured a wide variety of enjoyable games and minigames. Interestingly, all these games are still secured by Google on its Doodle Page (archived).

On Monday, Google initiated its new 10-Doodle series. Each of the 10 Doodles will be a throwback to a renowned Google game. Playing these interactive games will surely be an effective way to kill time while we are stuck in our homes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let’s shed light on the games that will be a part of this series!

Coding for Carrots: The series kicked off with this game. Playable on April 27, Coding for Carrots requires you to form simple sets of instructions to help your rabbit find and collect the carrots on every level. Did you get to play it yesterday?

ICC Championships Trophy: This Doodle was available on Google’s Homepage on 28th April! It’s time for you to relive the excitement that was brought by 2017’s thrilling cricket tournament. For those of you who didn’t play it back in 2017, it has received rave reviews and has been classified as “Ridiculously Fun”. So, don't miss it!

On 29th April Google will celebrate the birthday of Oskar Fischinger with a Doodle that will provide us an interactive screen to create music in visually appealing manner, plus users will be able to share their creation on social media.

There is a reason why Google is spreading the series over two weeks instead of making all 10 games available at once. Actually, the company wants to ensure that every game (especially the multi-player ones) gets undivided focus and is enjoyed thoroughly throughout the day.

The Tech Giant also announced recently that it would be showcasing Stadia on its homepage and that Stadia would be free for two months. This tells us that Google supports the idea that video games are crucial to help people stay inside their houses without getting bored.

That being said, name your favorite past Doodle games that you would like to see return during the coming weeks!

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