Facebook is Experimenting With Color Adaptive Profile Backgrounds

Facebook has been making a lot of changes in order to define the aesthetics that its site is going to end up conforming to on a regular basis. While it is true that in a lot of ways Facebook’s aesthetics have changed, one thing that most certainly has not changed has to do with the social media platform’s color schemes and the like. However, according to recent developments that were seen by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, it might just be that the traditional color scheme that Facebook has provided its users is no longer going to be something that users will be able to assume is going to be the same.

This is because of the fact that Facebook is experimenting with wildly different color schemes, in fact it might just be ditching a uniform palette altogether. Instead, if the experiment ends up being a success and Facebook decides to roll this feature out to the wider public, the palette being used on your profile will conform to the colors that are present in your profile picture. This means that everyone will have their own color scheme on their own profile page, just like Twitter's old layout, something that will have a lot of impact on the way people use the platform in general.

For one thing, people are most likely going to want to think about how these colors would affect their profile. They would most likely change their profile pictures so that they have adequate color palettes which will definitely impact user behavior quite a bit. However this is a pretty big change and chances are that people might not like it so Facebook will have to make it optional if they roll it out at all, although the social media platform is known for making big changes regardless of whether or not users will like them at first.

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