Facebook Collaborates With Indian Government for Fundraisers and Whatsapp/Messenger Helplines

It’s fair to say that Facebook has actually been contributing quite a bit to the kind of response that was required while we are facing what is without a doubt one of the worst epidemics we have ever faced at any given point in time. The fact of the matter is that Facebook’s response has been decidedly global rather than sticking to just one part of the world, which is definitely the right thing to do seeing as no one will be safe until the virus is gone from every single part of the world.

Hence, in order to tackle the situation in the world’s biggest democracy, Facebook has started collaborating with the Indian government on a number of things. Firstly, the social media giant is expanding its fundraising program in India that will help in raising funds for the relief effort for those that have been rendered destitute by the lockdown and quarantine with some rations that they can use to get through this tough period in life all in all. The Fundraiser has already done a lot of good in the rest of the world, and since India is such a huge market for Facebook it makes a lot of sense that the social media platform would want to try and help out as much as possible there from a financial viewpoint as well.
"People, charities and businesses can express solidarity and care through financial contributions, by donating to 70+ charities on Facebook. Donations to registered charities in India will be facilitated by Razorpay, and as always, 100% of what is raised in donations through Facebook will go to charities.", announced Ajit Mohan, Facebook India's Vice President and Managing Director, in a note.

This is not the only thing that Facebook is contributing to India in this regard either. The social media giant will be collaborating with the government to create a helpline via WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger. These help lines will provide alerts for various users and prevent the spread of misinformation which may very well be the most important thing for you to end up doing in this regard.

Another thing to note is that Facebook has successfully collaborated with 11 state governments for the WhatsApp helpline and with 9 state governments in India for the Messenger helpline. These helplines are also available in regional languages which is very important indeed from an accessibility standpoint and will make it so that as many people can be helped in this regard as possible, something that just might not have happened otherwise.

Experts in India are also using Facebook’s collaboration service Workplace Advanced which is the sort of thing that would really help make things better in a really big way because of the fact that it would facilitate them pooling their resources together and finding the best solution that can possibly be obtained in this regard without forcing any compromises to end up being made.

We hope Facebook will also expand its fundraising feature for more countries including Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan to help non-profit organizations and NGOs to take advantage of Facebook's digital tools.

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