5 substantial changes in the Android 11 are making rounds and for a good reason

Last week, the Android 11 Developer Preview 3 was launched, and it instantly caught the attention because of some changes that are going to be there in the latest version of Android.

Google will start beta testing this version in May 2020, but for now, the Android 11 dev preview 3 is available on all supported Pixel smartphones. Its over the air (OTA) updates are available for the smartphones that are currently running on the developer preview 2.

The thing to keep in mind is that these updated features in the new Android 11 version are in the testing phases, and some of them may or may not make to the stable official version, which is expected to be launched by the end of 2020.

Having said that, for now, let us focus on the 5 improved, consumer-facing features that are present in this Android 11 developer preview 3, as spotted by XDA-Developers and shared by Mishaal Rahman.

Improved Application Permissions:

To help innocent users from getting their data consumed by some malicious apps, Google has added the new feature "Auto revoke permissions" in the latest Android version. If an app is not used for several months, Android will revoke that app’s permission. In this way, malware can be controlled or avoided.

Dismissal of persistent notifications:

In the previous versions of Android, complete dismissal of persistent notifications was not possible. Even when the dismissed notifications could be sent in the History panel, which was introduced in the developer preview 2, most of the notifications, especially those of the apps running in the background still could not be budged.

However, in this latest version’s preview, this ability has been added that all notifications can be dismissed, and once they are in the History panel and added in a list, they can be viewed when the user wishes.

New screenshot pop- up:

This is a minor change in the screenshot pop-up that used to appear when a screenshot was taken. This one is smaller in size than the previous one and it is much similar to the screenshot pop-up in iOS devices. So, this smaller pop-up appears at the bottom-left of the screen, with added options that will allow the user to dismiss the notification, edit the screenshot and share it.

Larger previews and new screenshot and share buttons:

As per the report of XDA Developers, this latest version of Android has larger previews in recent apps, as compared to the previous versions. The design of the actual preview is the same as the previews in Android 11, but in a larger size.

Also, two buttons have been added for screenshot and share to provide a quick and smooth screenshot and sharing experience to the users.

Ethernet tethering:

The Android 11 developer preview 3 shows the addition of this new option of Ethernet tethering. This feature will allow users to connect a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to their Android phones, and then connect the LAN cable to that Ethernet adapter and their PC. This way, they can use the internet from their phones. Of course, this is going to be helpful when the desktop PC does not have Wi-Fi support and the user is trying to use the internet through other means.

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