Apple maps will soon display location where COVID-19 is being tested

As we all know that the Covid-19 is a deadly and serious virus that is spreading rapidly around the whole world and has turned in to a pandemic in no time. All the companies, pharmaceuticals, and governments are trying hard to find a solution to reduce the rapid and unbelievable spread of the coronavirus.

There has been announced a collaboration between Apple and Google last week. The collaboration was regarding this coronavirus pandemic which was that both of the companies will associate to provide us with authentic and trustworthy information regarding the spread and updates of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to this page, the Apple will show location for testing of COVID-19 in the affected regions, ideally starting from United States, as it is the country most affected by the pandemic right now. As of this writing US has over 505,684 active cases, and over 22,115 deaths - which is scary and unbelievable.

A lot of reports recently also claimed that Apple Maps will show us information about the locations where COVID-19 is being tested and detected. Apple already shows the location of hospitals, healthcare providers and other companies and list them as COVID-19 test sites. The team of Apple maps will soon update and review their app and all the locations will be displayed on Apple maps after the approval. This makes things convenient for the users.

The test location will be shown on the map as a red medical emergency sign symbol icon and there will also be written, “COVID-19 test location” on it. Information on the names of the test sites, contact numbers, websites, and relevant medical institutions will also be provided to us efficiently by Apple maps. Other information like traffic situation, types of test sites for example hospitals and laboratories, building conditions and parking will also be provided to users by Apple maps.

Further way, Apple additionally needs the applicant institution to point out whether or not the test site needs a doctor referral or appointment, which is an important point.

As we reported previously that both Apple and Google will be collaborating to display COVID-19 testing locations on their maps to control the deadly spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Apple has also decided to launch various applications using developer tools in May 2020, and the applications will also be associated with the public health department. The application’s purpose will be to curtail and stop the spread of the corona virus pandemic. Moreover, it will make the users aware of things and information related to the pandemic. This feature will be launched for both IOS and Android devices, leaving no one behind.

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