YouTube sorts out subscriptions, gives more control over playback

YouTube is updating its Android app and we have got the rundown of some of its notable features.

One of the major changes YouTube will get is the new scrollbar at the top of the subscriptions tab. The scrollbar will allow the users to quickly access all the channels they are subscribed to while clicking on the channel name will take them to its relevant page and videos.

The Android app will also have a new toggle for YouTube’s Accessibility player. Before turning on the player, the user can pre-decide how much time the playback controls will remain on-screen before disappearing. The option ranges from 3 to 30 seconds or they can also choose to keep them on the screen permanently.

Users with Android version 10 or later can also set their accessibility settings to Time to take action.

The features are gradually rolling out to the users. If your YouTube app is not updated, check back on the Play Store for an updated version. Or join YouTube beta testing program for quick and early updates.

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